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On the Road, Into the Labyrinth, Out to the Open Sea

Pick Your Metaphors Carefully

I'm involuntarily collecting enough grist and fodder for one hell of a novel, poem or song these days. I never thought I would become the woman who's had three husbands. The first was The Great Mistake. The less said the better. My late husband was diagnosed with a tumor that turned out to be Stage IV non-Hodgkin's lymphoma almost two months after I was laid off from my job, 10 months after he lost his job, 14 months after we had bought a house, three years and one month after we were married. He lost his battle on January 24, 2010, three years, six months and three weeks after we were married. I remarried five years, four months, three weeks, and five days later to a fellow member of The Club No One Wants to Join. This journal is about how strange and wonderul life can be. Please contact me privately first and tell me who you are if you wish to "befriend" me here. I've collected my first userpics from the following: http://www.hepburntribute.com/ljuserpics.html