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November 2015 Tanka Challenge #15

Oh, how I wish to
post a scathing review on
Yelp! or on Glassdoor.
Is salvaging wounded pride
worth risking a future job?

November 2015 Tanka Challenge #14

Once again I see
Sarai, Hagar, Miriam,
three women weeping.
Would their many sons could stop,
ashamed by their mothers' tears.

The Sadly Ironic Tanka

A crane falls, killing
faithful in a holy place,
today of all days.
A sad accident only,
this I sternly tell myself.
This is the coat of arms for my late husband Herr Wilhelm Baumhecker (MKA Brian Keveney), to be used at the SCA 50th Anniversary Shield Wall.  The stump is blazoned or, but he preferred it proper.  I hope this suffices.

He was given his award of arms and the Queen's Order of Courtesy on XXVII May AS XXXIII in the Kingdom of the East by Timothy I and Gabrielle I.

April 2015 Tanka Challenge -- No. 2

What goes on behind
closed doors is getting lots of
play, to hear it told;
again whited sepulchres
will get their 15 minutes.

And a variation on a theme:

One who turns away
custom is a fool in this
economy, right?
Were you going under, and
have found the perfect excuse?

April 2015 Tanka Challenge -- No. 1

Since November 2009, I've taken up the Tanka Challenge issued by gurdymonkey. In April and November, I try to write one tanka per day for the length of those months. If you are curious, here are the rules.

Let us leave the pranks
to the amateurs and the
posers on this day.
Look! Tiny green buds appear
on the bush outside the gate!
Dear Diocese of Miami:

My father gave you years, no, decades of service in his parishes of Saint Rose and Holy Family. When the lay diaconate was established, he expressed an interest in becoming a deacon in the late 1970s. Then my mother died and he was told different things by different people regarding whether he could become a deacon and still be able to remarry.

Some 22 years ago, he decided he wanted to become a deacon regardless, when he was 56. You've strung him along until it has become obvious that you won't take him on now because of his age, but you won't even have the guts to tell him why you've turned him down this one last time yesterday, on what would have been their 55th wedding anniversary had my mother lived.

He was going to become a priest before he met my mom.  He has met no one else since my mother died in 1980.

If you had valid reasons to turn him down, valid reasons to show why he lacked the vocation back in the early 1990s, you could have told him why.  If you turned him down because one of his two children has broken with the RC faith completely and the other is lukewarm and nominally RC at best, then despite one of the best popes to come along in years, you may have just cost yourselves lukewarm little me.

I am angry with you for making my father so heartsick of spirit.  It is something I will not forget any time soon.

No love,


Another Great Fan Film (The Hanging Tree)

I saw the first part of Mockingjay over the weekend. The melody in the movie for The Hanging Tree was haunting, but the one thought up for this fan film made almost two years ago is equally so. I love this father-daughter teaching moment. The actors could have both been darker of hair, but that's a minor quibble.  Enjoy, everyone.

November 2014 Tanka Challenge 11/21

Blue skies seem to want
to make up for the cold winds.
Nice try, there, sunshine.
Old down coat now proves its worth
for still another year, yes?

November 2014 Tanka Challenge 11/19

This autumn has been
more like a winter so far,
burying some deep.
This bodes ill for months to come.
May all our friends meet the spring.



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